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Jerry Bokowski

Jerry Bokowski

Vail, AZ


In July of 2015, Jerry has uploaded videos of his work put to music on YOU TUBE. He invites you to go on You Tube and search for Jerry Bokowski paintings.

Though he received formal training at the University of Arizona and various Junior Colleges, he claims that he learned the most from his grandmother, Charlotte Bokowski, and his grandfather Bill Willmarth. Charlotte taught him her unique style of CHARCOAL BRUSHING as she called it. She wrote a book entitled Light From The Shadows...he can still hear her voice offering tips while he paints. Bill Willmarth was a retired commercial artist. He also was an accomplished oil, watercolor and ceramic artist.

Jerrys grandmother Charlotte, became acquainted with Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia, in the early 1960s. She did one of her charcoal portraits of him that appeared in the local newspaper. She often took Jerry along to Teds studio. Jerry loved the rugged desert terrain and rustic Santa Fe architecture, and still remembers the smell of fresh oil paint in Teds studio. From Teds studio, Jerry could see Finger Rock of the Catalina Mountains. The natural beauty of this prominent peak in Tucson would inspire future paintings. He still has 3-D stereo color slides of his grandmother and Ted, talking art and life during one their visits to the Gallery in the Sun, over 50 years ago.

During the early 1970s, Jerry helped pay his way through college by painting portraits of people or their pets.

In 1976, Jerry started a business where his artistic talents would face a new challenge. He owned a custom painting and van conversion shop. Jerry said, In the mid seventies to late eighties there were a lot of airbrush art murals on the sides of vans and pickups, with colorful graphics as well. Vans quickly morphed into luxury travel machines. For 15 years, Jerry was called on to paint a huge variety of subjects from the San Xavier Mission, Star Wars scenes, the Orion Nebula, seascapes, sunsets, stage coaches, show dogs, animals, snow capped mountains and more. All this had to done with an airbrush using automotive paint with NO texture. All work was coated with clear acrylic urethane, polished to a mirror finish. Jerry received very positive feedback at car shows of the time.

He said, Its one thing to do a commission painting on canvas, but back then people were paying hard earned money for me to paint their expensive automobiles, vans, & pick-ups. Everyone drove away happy though and proud of their unique vehicle.

Style/Technique. When asked about his style and technique, Jerry responded:

I simply choose a subject that I have a passion and appreciation for, and apply acrylic paint to a blank canvas by means of an airbrush for my skies and a paintbrush for my mountains and deserts. The contrast of atomized paint for sky, clouds, atmosphere, and brush strokes for mountains, rocks, and vegetation, give my work a unique look. I hope to capture a viewers attention from across the room. The painting will then beckon one to come up close and personal In an age of High Definition movies and TV, the image will have a measure of focus and clarity from 3 feet away, but still look like a hand painted work of art. I love to paint real places here in the southwest, be it at the foot of a majestic crag or at the top of a summit overlooking a distant valley. I then add the dynamic of weather and season, be it summer storm or winter snow or fall colors or spring wild flowers.I have personally been to almost every location I paint either by car, bike or hike. Painting is one way I attempt to share my passion for the rugged beauty and diversity that is Arizona and Utah. For me, there is no greater compliment an artist can have, than to have someone willing to pay me for a piece that they want to make a part of their home...a place they can visit and enjoy time and time again without leaving their house.

Starting in November of 2014, Jerry is now uploading his photographs that represent his passion for the spectacular landscapes of the Great Southwest.

Jerry and his wife Janet have made their home and Art Studio in Vail, Arizona, about 20 miles from downtown Tucson. It is surrounded by the desert and mountains that he has been in love with for over 50 years. His originals can be seen by appointment. Please feel free to contact him if you are visiting near Tucson, Arizona.


Rincon Radiance by Jerry Bokowski


Starry Starry Night by Jerry Bokowski


Sonoran Solitude by Jerry Bokowski


Sonoran Monsoon by Jerry Bokowski


Sleeping Beauty Mountains by Jerry Bokowski


Radiant Rays by Jerry Bokowski


Finger Rock Fog by Jerry Bokowski


Picacho Peak Moon by Jerry Bokowski


Sonoran Snowfall by Jerry Bokowski


Canyon Beyond The Trees by Jerry Bokowski


Approaching Shoshone by Jerry Bokowski


Dynamic Dana Butte by Jerry Bokowski


Transcendent Golden Dawn by Jerry Bokowski


Hopi Point Vista II by Jerry Bokowski


Sublime Grandeur by Jerry Bokowski


Light From The Shadows by Jerry Bokowski


Resplendent Grandeur by Jerry Bokowski


Golden Hour Grandeur by Jerry Bokowski


Duck on a Rock Grand Canyon by Jerry Bokowski


Eons of Sculpting by Jerry Bokowski


Mather's Majesty by Jerry Bokowski


Layers of Light and Stone by Jerry Bokowski


On The Edge of Grandeur by Jerry Bokowski


Hopi Point Vista by Jerry Bokowski


Winter Visits The Canyon by Jerry Bokowski


Canyon Dreams A Perfect Come True 2 by Jerry Bokowski


Spider Rock Canyon de Chelly by Jerry Bokowski


Virgin Snow ZION by Jerry Bokowski


Gateway To Zion by Jerry Bokowski


The Way They Were - Butch and Sundance by Jerry Bokowski


The Streaked Wall ZION by Jerry Bokowski


The Great White Throne ZION by Jerry Bokowski


The Sentinel ZION by Jerry Bokowski


Angels Landing ZION by Jerry Bokowski


Road to Grandeur ZION by Jerry Bokowski


Observation Point ZION by Jerry Bokowski


Full Moon ZION by Jerry Bokowski


November Reign ZION by Jerry Bokowski


Towers of the Virgin ZION by Jerry Bokowski


The Watchman ZION by Jerry Bokowski


FREEDOM by Jerry Bokowski


Cascade Falls Zion by Jerry Bokowski


Bryce Point by Jerry Bokowski


The MITTENS Monument Valley by Jerry Bokowski


Monumental Solitude by Jerry Bokowski


Four Peaks by Jerry Bokowski


August at Apache Lake by Jerry Bokowski


San Francisco Peaks by Jerry Bokowski