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About Jerry Bokowski

Jerry Bokowski I have been in awe of the deserts, mountains, and canyons of the great southwest for over 50 years. Atmospheric events like sunrise and sunsets, approaching storms and monsoon rains, fog and mist, snow, or moonlit nights, just add to the beauty of Arizona and Utah landscapes. This is what inspires a passion within me to capture the mood, drama, and majesty of being there....from being at the foot of a majestic crag or on top of a summit overlooking a distant valley below.
I paint real places that one can visit and see. Whether it be Finger Rock of the Catalina Mountains, The Sentinel in Zion National Park, or Mather Point at the Grand Canyon, it is my goal and desire to have my paintings draw a viewer to them and that they become emotionally engaged with the image. If my work enhances fond memories of a place or motivates a trip to experience it in person, I feel successful! I have been to almost every location I paint by car, bike, or hike, and often use photos I've taken for reference. The view in the paintings is a place one can go to time and time again with out ever leaving home.

In an age of high definition television and movies, I strive for a measure of focus and clarity, while maintaining the appearance of a hand painted work of art.

Starting in November of 2014, I decided to upload some of my photographs that represent my passion for the spectacular landscapes and sky-scapes of the great southwest!

My wife's and my Arizona home, is surrounded by the desert and mountains that I have been in love with for over 50 years. My originals can be seen by appointment. Please feel free to contact me by email, if visiting southern Arizona.

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